Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress

The first time you find yourself in an amazing atmosphere of greatness and beauty. Everywhere there is the spirit of the history of St. Petersburg.


Walking leisurely along the Fortress territory, you tirelessly admire the Peter and Paul Cathedral - a model of the architectural baroque of the era of Peter I, a rare for Russia style with a touch of the features of the Renaissance. It is open to the public. A unique place where the tombs of Russian emperors are located. You can climb the bell tower, from where you can see a wonderful panoramic view of the Northern Capital of Russia. Periodic bells ringing, complements the architectural ensemble and fascinating atmosphere.

History and museums

You can touch the history of the Great Fatherland thanks to the museums.

The smart red-and-white commandant's house includes a museum of the history of St. Petersburg, where very interesting exhibits of the past of the city and the state are placed. On the territory of the fortress there is a well-known Mint, telling about the trade, the life of the apartment house and banking. Visiting the prison is not for everyone, but especially curious will leave it under the impression. Bright parts of the complex - the Museum of Astronautics and Missile Technology and the engineering house.

It may take several hours to inspect the complex of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Private museums also work for those who wish. Here you can find out how the urban costume of the townspeople developed, to get acquainted with the life of the citizens of St. Petersburg, to visit the exhibitions of the world of modernity or the appearance of cinematography.

Spirit of Cathedral Square

The Cathedral Square is incredibly cozy. Sitting on benches, you can not only admire the opening view, but also be in the epicenter of a cultural event. It often hosts concerts (on Sundays, and not only), an annual opera festival with performances by artists of the "Mariinsky". Artists from all over the world come here for exhibitions of creations, and all this under the open sky. Art literally hovers in the air. Impressions for life are guaranteed.

The unique beach

Another interesting and unique highlight of the Peter and Paul Fortress is the panoramic beach. This place is not only for rest, sunbathing, sand festivals, the Open cinema film festival, but also a spectator rostrum for annual sailing competitions and simply overlooking the luxurious beauty of the city.

The source of disputes of millions of tourists

Fans of disputes and statements of their opinions will like the monument to Peter the Great in the performance of the sculptor Shemyakin. This is probably the most controversial and disputed monument of the city. His proportions cause gossip, and the grotesque appearance of the king will necessarily force you to express your opinion.


Entrance and walks are free, only the examination of exhibition halls inside buildings is paid. This inexpressible beauty is a must! It is special in the summer. And the other in the winter. They return here again.

Important! Pay attention to the hours of operation of the elements of the complex (for example, the Peter and Paul Cathedral is open only from 10 to 16 hours, while the fortress itself is from 9 to 20) and take into account the separate tariffs for different sections (the belfry, the entrance to museums and the cathedral are paid separately from each other friend).

The Peter and Paul Fortress is located in the center of the city, as well as the center of the history of St. Petersburg. To learn the culture of hail on the Neva is impossible without studying the structures of the Hare Island.

Hotel Kronverk is located next to the Peter and Paul Fortress. The distance to the center of the Hare Island is 990 meters, you will walk it in 12 minutes.

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